You Too Can Save C-3PO From Destruction With This Droid Backpack

I’m sure it isn’t hard to recall this particular scene from Star Wars where C-3PO ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets blown apart only to be saved by our furry friend Chewbacca. Well now’s your chance to rescue C-3PO yourself and gain some valuable storage space in the process with this C-3PO Bespin Backpack.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would I want a really annoying droid that won’t stop talking strapped to my back? Good news, this one doesn’t talk, but Thinkgeek encourages us to “imagine” C-3PO yammering away at you while poor Han gets frozen in carbonite. Yeah I’d prefer not to, thanks. Still the backpack is no joke, sporting of course the golden droid in a plush-like backpack form which is made from “high quality golden leatherette construction.” That sounds important. It also has a Mesh pouch that keeps his appendages in check and a zippered pocket in the Torso area to store your…iPad? Considering the Droid trademark was licensed out to one of the iPhone’s biggest competitors, I’m not about to stick any of my Apple devices in there, as it might just get crushed and spat back out.

At a price of $59.99 this may seem a little steep, hey what do you expect considering it’s a fully licensed Lucasfilm Collectible. There’s also apparently enough demand for it out there as it’s currently out of stock until the Star Wars Celebration launch in August, and even then supplies will be limited so if you’re interested hop on board now. If you’re so inclined you also have the option of putting C-3PO back together and use him as a plush doll to sleep with in place of your teddy bear or just to round¬† out your Star Wars Slippers ensemble or even the Star Wars Lunchboxes. Of course if you’re still imagining the yammering that may be an issue, and his eyes actually light up with an LED flickering effect, which could be pretty creepy when you think about it. Back in the backpack you go, buddy.