Gimme Something To Eat: I Am Hungry Rechargeable Battery

When we feel hungry, we order for food, but when a rechargeable battery gets empty, how would we know that it needs a charge…besides being let down that we really need it and it doesn’t deliver?


A nice idea indeed where we think about non living things behaving like living beings and this is not strange but exceptional. Mac Funamizu, a cool designer has come up with this concept of Hungry Batteries that makes us understand when they need recharging.


Let me clear this that Hungry Batteries is just a concept and not a real product for sale but we can at least have a look at something that can bring a revolution in our lives if turned into reality. Many times all of us remain thinking about how long the battery will run and at last in the middle of something the battery gets switched off.


Now you won’t face this problem as the rechargeable batteries will get slimmer on the consumption of the charge and when the shape of battery becomes like the ideal figure of a girl, it is the time to recharge. I wonder what material is used to make these hungry batteries that they shrink and get slim.

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