Evil Chucky Takes Over Xbox 360

When some one asks me which is the biggest fun romp flick I had ever watched in cinema, that leaves you on the edge, definitely Chucky back from the 1990’s would be on my top list. Freaking you out, the name “Chucky” will remind you of the evil doll inhabiting a soul, determined to possess the child who’d get their hands on this doll but this time the Evil “Chucky” takes over a Xbox 360 soul.Evil Chucky Takes Over Xbox 360 (3)

Definitely, this movie is sensational with thriller cum fun, and where is this exciting concept used? Right into the most poplar gadget, Xbox 360. Well, one thing is for sure, this is one Chucky-inspired device will definitely creep you out! In fact, Chucky themed Xbox 360 flaunts the evil doll’s face, with scary eyes and a wicked smile, I’d bet it will remind you of the nightmares of childhood you’d had when you 1st watched this movie flick.

Evil Chucky Takes Over Xbox 360 (2)

You are an Xbox 360 fan, then you will just not be able to resist this amazing themed gadget, but be sure one thing, this version of chucky won’t put you into any more dilemmas but add on to your day’s fun!

Evil Chucky Takes Over Xbox 360 (4)

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