Surf Up iPad While Driving With iPad Steering Wheel Mount

Apple has created waves in the Digital World with the launch of iPad and now this iPad Steering Wheel Mount comes as a gift for automotive drivers…but perhaps it is a little too much.

iPad Steering Wheel Mount

The iPad is not just an entertainment device, but it is also used for automotive communications and thus if we keep iPad on the next seat, it becomes little problematic to operate it. It is even better than fixing iPad in the dashboard of your car as the iPad Steering Wheel Mount is ideally sized to be placed on the steering wheel without obscuring the view of the driver.

As the steering wheel is just in front of our eyes, so with this mount the driver will be able to gaze the road without any eye movement. Sending messages will be extremely easier with this new accessory and you may even say bye to your cell phone and thank its creators.

Let me tell you that this steering wheel mount for iPad was created in Lansing (Michigan) at the Base441 design and incubation studio. At Base441 highly innovative devices are created to let the people enjoy a better standard of living. iPad Steering Wheel Mount was created to make the drivers get rid of the distraction caused on account of increasing usage of electronics while driving.

The iPad Steering Wheel Mount kits are constructed by taking up carbon-neutral materials as raw materials. The product became so popular like the iPad immediately after its launch and now the company is unable to ship it for their lower levels of production. But they are working on with other manufacturing units to cope up with its demand.

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Via: Bookofjoe