Go Diving into the Future with This Glass LED Diving Helmet

Have you ever seen the movie “Deep Water?” (If you haven’t, I’ll save you 2 hours and just shorten it up to not go see it), I bet the divers wished they had something like this futuristic diving helmet, maybe the OLED display would flash a red sign saying “YOUR FRICKIN BOAT IS LEAVING.” I’m not sure it would have helped them, but it certainly can help you.

Now this design “revolutionizes how a human can breathe underwater” according to the helmet maker’s description. The orange panels you see on the side aren’t just for show, they’re to assist in internal circulation of the extracted oxygen. That many big words in one sentence can only mean it’s doing something good. The helmet can even extract oxygen from the seawater which is then circulated through the helmet and provides a much larger breathing supply.

If the glass looks a little flimsy to you, you might want to think again. This “haptic” glass is clear with microscopic pours that help to keeo you high and dry in a good way by keeping water molecules out. Sound, however, is able to pass through with much better clarity, so if you hear a big fat whale coming your way your OLED display will let you know and point you in the direction of where it came from, and hopefully where you should probably not go as well.

Now, if a lot of what you’re reading here sounds a bit more like Science Fiction than any real life functional diving helmet, well you’re probably right, but every project needs to start somewhere, right? Besides it’s a cool mask concept design, so there’s plenty of flexibility in what will and will not actually work. I don’t think an “electrolysis reactor” sounds as small as they’re placing it on the helmet, but I’m not about to argue. It looks cool and whoever created it put a lot of time and effort into thinking up the idea, so that’s enough for me. Besides I’d feel a little more comfortable with this on than say, a digital camera swim mask, but it better be able to warn me when Jaws is coming, and no, the sound from the movie when he approaches will not be enough. Speed and direction, if you please.

Via: Slashgear