Now Carry Your Laptop in Your Pocket with Mobile Script Concept

Suppose that love at first sight is something you have never experienced. Your friends have told you about it, your parents have stories about it, but you have never felt that instant rush of blood to your heart.

Since you have never experienced it, you do not know whether to believe in it or not. All this doubt is laid to rest when you glance at a long, slender piece, dark as a moonless night. Your heart beats faster… your pupils dilate…and you finally experience love at first sight. It is tough not to when you look at the Mobile Script – a futuristic mobile phone designed by Russian industrial designer Alexander Mukomel.

You have experienced love at first sight and now you wish to express your love to this beautiful piece of design by possessing it. However, that will have to wait, as the Mobile Script is a conceptual mobile phone still in the process of development.

The Mobile Script phone is a touch phone for the purists, meaning there are zero buttons on its candy bar display – not even a tiny smart button like the iPhone. Your eyes (and fingers) would definitely light up at the completely touch aesthetic.

The latest smart phones in the market from leading mobile manufacturers are a definite step towards converging all forms of technology and presenting it in a mobile device. New generation smart phones, with their wide screens and QWERTY keypads, offer instant communication on the go; but the experience is limited.

But I bet you would still prefer to watch videos or type a word document on a laptop or desktop. However, the Mobile Script phone is set to change all that.

Neatly tucked under the standard display of the phone is a flexible OLED display (9.5 inches) that stiffens when ejected from the phone. This dramatically increases the viewing and working area of the phone. The flexible display is ideal to watch videos, type emails, write and edit documents, and surf the web.

A problem (if you consider it one) with present day mobile technology is the battery which can only be charged through a DC outlet. If you run out of battery with no access to a DC outlet, your mobile is as good as trash.

But with the advanced Mobile Script phone, you will never run out of battery. The futuristic phone comes covered with a sunlight sensitive nano material that harnesses solar power and uses it as energy to power the mobile.

Mobile Script is the future of mobile phone technology. A future where in all technology would be combined into a single device, which can be carried around in your pocket.

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