Be the Galaxy’s Best Bounty Hunter With this Boba Fett Helmet

I’ll be honest, I never really got what the big deal surrounding Boba Fett was. Granted, the guy had a nice looking outfit, and this Boba Fett Helmet is really sweet looking and all, but he didn’t exactly go out with a bang. I mean someone knocked his jet pack and he fell into a stationary monster who’s only defining threat was a big mouth in the sand. I know, I know, he ends up climbing out thanks to uber super armor and of course an iron will, but I always found his (assumed) demise in Return of the Jedi downright hilarious. His helmet, however, is not hilarious, just awesome.

This is no mere toy, either. The Helmet is full sized and brings to the table an articulated range finder along with electronic sounds. Now my fat head would likely not fit into this thing, but it’s designed to look awesome for “kids of all ages!” That means that you’re out dad, sorry. The paint job looks authentic along with the traditional damage marks and scratches, since no bounty hunter comes out of every battle without a scratch. If you want to get your hands on one yesterday, you’ll be disappointed and have to wait. This won’t be available till August of 2010, but you do have the option of pre-ordering one now and you’ll get your very own helmet first thing in August. The helmet runs around $44.99, which seems reasonable given the quality and of course articulated range finder!

So pick yourself up a helmet and relive the mystery and danger that is Boba Fett. You know, before he was reincarnated as an annoying little brat in the animated series. Oh snap, I went there. If your kid is a die hard Boba Fett fan (my brother’s son prefers Darth Vader, unfortunately, I’ve tried to steer him to other cooler characters to no avail) you have some other toy options out there as well, such as this Boba Fett Potato Head or he can have this Boba Fett action figure protect your computer from harm. No disintegration!