The Impeccable Blend of Portability and Virtual Reality Gaming in a Portable Frame

Put on your thinking caps! Have you ever thought about why people prefer to go to virtual reality gaming centers, when they can enjoy the convenience of their full fledges gaming consoles at their home itself? Here is an invention that gives you the feel of virtual gaming and the convinience of a portable console.

Quite indisputably, the whole experience of virtual reality gaming is something that is phenomenal. In this case, portability is zilch of course, nevertheless, people enjoy the thrill that perhaps they miss out on their 2D screens. “Virtual Frame” is that perfect blend of virtual reality and portability that takes gaming experience to all new heights. Needless to say, this is a gadget that not only facilitates an exciting gaming atmosphere, but offers unique opportunities to interact within gaming communities and create favorable social behavior.

A complete advanced technological gizmo, this one incorporates various aspects like camera, Bluetooth, translucent touch screen, Wi-Fi, etc that enable players to engage with people in the neighborhood in a unique and innovative gaming platform. With no doubt, let me tell you, if you are a gaming person, this will now be your new love! To get an inside out idea of this concept, check out the designer’s site: Juan Pablo Giraldo.

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Via: Tuvie