How To Repair Your iPhone’s Cracked Glass for Only $22

Let’s say you are walking down the street playing with your shiny new iPhone when some idiot bumps into you, sending the expensive and fragile tool flying into the air. As you watch in seemingly slow motion horror, your iPhone crashes to the ground, cracking the glass, which you know will cost you $200 from the local Apple store…or $22 if you do it yourself. Yes that’s right, you heard me correctly. This 10 year old kid managed to fix the glass on an iPhone at the not so staggering cost of $22. That’s a pretty impressive feat, if I do say so.

Now, if you read the description carefully, you’ll notice one very important note: “The repair was for the glass alone, since the LCD wasn’t damaged.” That’s really where you run into the problem, and it seems likely to me that if the glass is damaged the LCD screen probably took a hit as well.  Of course I can’t really argue with the fact that in the case that the glass was damaged I’d prefer a $22 option over the $200, wouldn’t you?

The pictures here shows the 10 year old kid in action. Brett’s father sells these DIY kits to repair the glass, but while I wouldn’t trust my expensive electronics to a 10 year old, it demonstrates that just about anyone, including the not-so-handy-more-likely-to-break-stuff people like myself might even be able to do this repair job. My thought is if your iPhone is old enough and the grass cracks it probably isn’t even worth taking to the Apple store for repairs, so what do you really have to lose, aside from the $22 you’ll shell out for the repair kit, a pittance for a functional glass cover for your iPhone, right? Besides your iPhone is probably just waiting to be an iPhone virus victim sooner or later anyway, so may as well make sure it has a functional screen when it gets hijacked.

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Via: SlipperyBrick, Technabob, Cnet