Word Search Clock Shows you the Time Vertically, Horizontally and Diagonally

Gadgets seem to get geekier day by day, proof to the fact is this crazy Word Search Clock designed to make everyone aware of the geek you are and feel proud of it. This circular clock, 11.5 inches in diameter, is imprinted with a word search puzzle and diagonally, vertically and horizontally the numbers one to ten have been brilliantly encircled at the appropriate places. So you’ll need to start finding time from now on!

Word Search Clock Shows you the Time

Don’t be mad if you didn’t get to find any of the encircled words (numbers) because there are 14 extra hidden words just for you. So now while waiting for a TV show to start, a dish to cook or a friend to arrive instead of glancing at the clock repeatedly, you can utilize your valuable time finding the hidden words. How about you challenge your friends to find the words while you keep time?

This Word Search Clock also makes for a great conversation starter and I bet if you hang this time piece on your wall practically each and every one of your guests is going to be amazed by its sight and ask you about it.

If you have a geeky friend and don’t know what gadget to get him on his birthday, this clock definitely makes a great gift and plus you won’t have to make sure if he already has it.

This awesome Word Search Clock is available at Baronbob for only $29.95!

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Via: Craziest Gadgets