Concrete USB Tells The Storage Capacity By Weight

There are many awesome USB drives in the market and Shu-Chun Hsiao has come up with this Concrete USB that doesn’t look promising for its looks, but id definitely unique in implementation. 

Concrete USB Drives

If you are bored of shining and bright USB drives that are also fragile, then this can be something you can look for. The concrete USB as the name suggests is made up of Concrete material. The specialty of these drives is that its weight tells the capacity for example 128g would mean 128GB storage and 256g for 256GB storage and so on.

Concrete USB Drives 1

These drives are just a concept for now till some manufacturer likes them to turn into a reality. But I like the Cute Animal USB Drives, Multi-Light USB Memory Stick and Chinese Sword USB Flash Drive.

Concrete USB Drives 2

Via: Ufunk