The iPod Touch and iPhone Themed Cupcakes Look Simply Delicious

Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone took us into the future with its touch screen interface and now to show our appreciation towards the genius minds behind this gadget, generations ahead of us, here are iPod touch/iPhone themed cupcakes.The iPod Touch iPhone Themed Cupcakes

These cute little cupcakes by The Cupcakelicious have been amazingly baked to symbolize the menu of the iPod touch, when looked from above and the icing on the cupcakes has been decorated to look like the various applications on the home screen of the iPod touch or the iPhone.

The iPod Touch iPhone Themed Cupcakes (3)

While the calendar like cupcake has been brilliantly decorated in white and red with a number 11 on it, the calculator bears the four circles with the signs addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and looks marvelous, the clock icon cake looks realistic and the text cupcake which is made with green icing with a white speech bubble looks simply delicious.

The iPod Touch iPhone Themed Cupcakes (2)

So when you’re at a business party or in the company of some tech geeks why not order these iPod inspired cupcakes to lift the mood up a bit. Your geeks of friends will surely enjoy biting into the camera, maps, stocks, phone and mail icons, and it’ll probably be a great way to get your friends faces out of their gadgets.

These cakes are surely something I’d like for my birthday probably placed onto a black cake. Hope you’re reading this mom!

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