The Futuristic Wrist Watch Puts the Time On Air

“Time is flying!” – How many times have we heard this expression? Time does fly and we do not know when and how that happens. But how about actually seeing time flying in air? Believe me; Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev can help you view this scene.

Asanaliev has come up with a cool new design of a wrist watch On Air. As the name suggests, this wrist watch has time coming to us on air. The metallic grey appearance gives a high tech feeling and the LED display on the dial really stands out. There is only one hand on the watch and this one hand does all the jobs – tells the hour as well as the minutes. The LED display is shaped like the arm but with every changing position it displays a number. This number is the minutes and the position is the hour.

The question that arises is how do you set the time on this very cool but very different watch format? It is rather simple. All that needs to be done is to push and hold in the center of the dial for five seconds. This allows a LED to flash. Now if the hour is to be set, press on the top and bottom of the dial as required. Similarly to set the minutes press on the left and right. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The LED display serves a double purpose. When you are in the dark and are in need of light press in the center of the dial like you would do to set the time, the flashing LED does light up the surrounding a little.

This is again is a design from a designer’s hub and once again leaves us gaping at the capabilities of the human mind. When the first wrist watch was introduced in the late 19th Century it was a necessity. With time this timepiece saw times changing and also saw itself go through many changes. The pocket watch was replaced by the wrist watch and the key winding ones made way for the automatic ones. With the coming of the digital display the analog did suffer a slight set back but bounced back and is still very popular. However, the “On Air” can be said to be a combination of both.

Today the watch is no more a mere necessity but is also an accessory. It definitely has to tell the time but at the same time is has to look fashionable and must go with the rest of the dressing up. Rest assure, the On Air can definitely help you in giving that fashionable appeal. Wear it and go On Air.

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