Sled In A New Techno Toy Version!

As the title of the picture suggest, what you can see is a sled in a new ‘Avatar’. The word sled is derived from ‘sliding’, and it played a key role in transporting goods, animals and even humans on icy surface. It uses a running mechanism which helped it avoid wheels.

sled vehicle concept1

I’m sure that this techno sled would not be used for drawing horse or reindeers, but it could be used as a toy. Norio Fujikawa, the designer of this concept, has gained an expertise in toy designing. You must check out his other works too, such as the Cool 3D Toy or the amazing JetBike.

sled vehicle concept2

Sledging started becoming a source for recreation at the dawn of winter and soon became a racing sport mostly for the rich. It gained greater dimensions with alpine events for fledging sports started by a hotelier.

sled vehicle concept3

Rendering in Hyper Shot has given the product design a more advanced and appealing look.

sled vehicle concept4

Looks like this sled has a helicopter like mechanism which would help in flying too. Brushing the surface and flying higher and higher would be an amazing sight.  Why associate toy with children, when the adults can’t miss the ‘WOW’ factor of this super techno sled.