Now You Can Actually Put Your iPhone in a Pint of Beer

You feel like shouting ‘I’m the King of the world’ as you have recently purchased an iPhone. You have wanted this for quite some time now. You take care of it as a mother would take care of her newborn kid; your friends have been told to be extra careful while handling it.

You have taken extra precaution over your mint condition phone, so when you see a scratch mark on your precious iPhone you are simply horrified. You are too shocked to react and a depressive cloud hangs over you. The scratch cannot be undone and you need to think of how to protect your phone from future mutilations.

It is summer and the heat is really beating down upon you. Summer’s the time to have fresh fruits, ride cool waves, and drink beer. Your favorite past time during summer is to go out for a drink of beer. It helps you to keep the rising temperatures at bay and acts as an effective social lubricant. You wish you could carry your glass of beer anywhere you go.

What’s the relation between protecting your iPhone from scratches and a nice cold mug of beer, you may wonder. Now have a look at the pint of beer gadget case. Got it?

Well with the Pint of Beer gadget case, you can safely protect your precious phone from marks and scratches, while carrying your mug of beer anywhere you go.

The Pint of Beer gadget case is a normal phone pouch for iPhones and iPods. It has a matte finished exterior with scratch-free felt that offers protection from marks and scratches when your iPhone or iPod is inside the pouch.  However, the big difference is the photo realistic beer print that is printed on both sides of the pouch, and bonded to the material.

Now when we say ‘photo realistic beer print’ we do really mean it. If you don’t believe us, try this simple experiment: Place your iGadget gently in the pouch. Try to keep the pouch in a vertical position on your desk or table. You could use the support of a cup or a neighboring wall. Look around to see if there are people at hands length. Now, gently push the pouch. As you see the pouch falling, a number of hands will enter the frame in slow motion and catch your pouch. The reason why people jumped to catch the pouch is that they felt your pint of beer was falling down. That’s how realistic the beer print is.

If you are looking for a phone pouch this summer, then the handcrafted Pint of Beer gadget case would definitely be a fun thing to try out at the rate of $20.

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