A USB Microwave that Uses Your Computer Power to Heat-Up Your Meal

Another hectic day at the office: loads of work, loads of pressure, and long hours. Staring at the computer screen endlessly and working hard on your reports result in a hungry tummy. You glance at the cold sandwich lying inside your office bag. For some reason the hunger completely evaporates. Probably it is the cold, lifeless lunch. You wish for a nice warm meal to get you through the working day.

Cold lunches and long working hours is probably the inspiration behind artist Steve Gates’ concept design for a desktop microwave. The Brainwave desktop microwave is an economically sized, grey colored portable microwave that will fit cozily on your work desk.

Though the concept is based on a traditional microwave, the desktop microwave is a giant step forward. You do not have to set any time or push any buttons. The intelligent microwave will tell you when your food is warm and ready to be consumed.

The microwave comes with a USB port that hooks up to any computer. You can control the microwave through the accompanying software program, which will inform the user of the cooking time.

In case you are wondering whether such a hi-tech microwave is easy to use, you need not worry. All you have to do is place the microwave meal inside the desktop oven, swipe the packaged RFID fork through the microwave scanner, and simply continue with your work. The software program will alert you when the meal is done. A piping hot meal is available right at your office desk in a matter of minutes.

Brainwave desktop microwave comes with a special microwave container and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) fork. The RFID fork contains information about the meal, and when the fork is swiped, this information is processed by the computer application that sets the cooking time.

Apart from working professionals, the Brainwave desktop microwave can be a handy cooking companion for college students. When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, 18-24 year olds can be the most distracted. Television, Internet, gaming consoles, friends, can all lead this age demographic away from the cooking area into other rooms. Such distractions can lead to a serious kitchen hazard.

The automatic cooking feature of the desktop microwave ensures that there are no safety concerns even if the user is distracted and not around.

Brainwave desktop microwave is a handy cooking tool designed to meet the demands of the present day working lifestyle, allowing employees to focus on their work while the microwave takes care of your food.

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