Game Boy Advance USB Drive for Retro Games Fans

We have come a long way from the days of Super Mario Bros games and Game Boy Advance Games, the games have become more sophisticated, complicated and advanced. But there are geeks who still have those good old Game Boy Advance Game cartridges and old retro games consoles. Here, 8Bit Memory company geeks have given Game Boy Advance Game cartridge an awesome geeky makeover as a Game Boy Advance Flash Drive with 4GB memory.

gameboy advanced usb drive 1

Game Boy Advance USB Drive comes crafted with Mario Vs Donkey Kong game and has Kingston memory. In fact one can get any game of one’s choice from the listing at the shop site. The cartridge has been specially imported from Japan and has authentic artwork. There is a keychain ring attached which is again optional for not many geeks like multifunctional USB drives.  Overall this USB drive looks very geeky and compelling flash drive which will be liked by retro games fans.

gameboy advanced usb drive 2

The Game Boy Advance USB drive with 4GB memory comes for $39.99 USD. The flash drives are available up to 16 GB and one can contact seller for the additional costs.

gameboy advanced usb drive 3

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