Artificial Butterfly Takes A Smooth Flight

We have seen butterfly in the form of toys besides the real butterflies, but I personally always wondered on how they fly with small wings.

Artificial Butterfly

To clear the doubts on the flying mechanism of the beautiful winged little creatures, yeah, I mean, the butterflies, Hiroto Tanaka of Harvard University and Isao Shimoyama of the University of Tokyo have made a balsa-wood machine powered by rubber band. They made it with the help of flimsy polymer wings with veins made using the silicon-etching technique.

Just when I saw the butterfly, I thought of my butterfly collection at Farmville and wished that butterflies should fly there too at my farm as they do in reality instead of the collectibles that keep my head always hot as I need to be keen on catching them before my neighbors do. Also, I have the maximum number of swallowtails every time I see my gift box, I see swallowtails and now I am interested to know the flight control mechanism of these beautiful butterflies.

As the flight control mechanism can not be easily seen in the real butterflies so this artificial butterfly was constructed and it is indeed a commendable work. The research carried on this model concluded that the veins make the wings stiff and help in better flight instead of veinless wings and that the bobbing motion also helps to keep the butterfly afloat in the air.

Science has constantly been evolving to understand the facts behind the existence of the planet earth and its species and we can find it in various experiments like the artificial butterfly and The 3D Heart Monitoring Diagram.

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Via: Dudecraft