Assemble and Recreate the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

For Star Wars fans the fastest space ship in the Universe, the iconic Star Wars Millennium Falcon holds a very special place. Instead of buying a toy replica as a collectible, Star Wars fans can now assemble and recreate their own Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model using easy to assemble pieces.

star wars millennium falcon model1

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon is infamous smuggling ship with intriguing speed indicated by famous line, “it makes Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”. This intergalactic fastest space ship has caught fancy of young and old ever since it was created. Star Wars series itself was the transcended human imagination and opened up vast Universe for everyone. The defeat of evil intentions gave a sense of hope.  The popularity has been so immense that even after 25 years Star Wars is still popular and Star Wars fans still look for collectibles.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon model pieces can be assembled from parts which snap easily and doesn’t require any glue. The model is 15” long and is neatly painted. It also features tiny Han Solo and Chewbacca pilots. It is complete with extendible Gangplank and landing gear. This model has been officially licensed collectible. The model costs $49.99.

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