The Innovative and Stylish Flow Lights Conserve Energy Also

Energy is required at every step of our lives and at every minute of the day. Can we imagine a world without energy? Sounds impossible right? Conserving energy is a global issue and requires each one of us to take an active step towards it. The Flow could not have chosen a better time to enter the arena.

Working on the principle of vertical wind turbine, Flow, is a public light system designed by Igendesign, Hungary. This light system not only makes use of natural energy but also boasts of being a completely natural product as well. The material used to make it is, believe it or not, bamboo. Every part of it disintegrates in nature but for the LEDs, wires and dynamo. These parts can later be recycled without any downsizing.

How does this wonderful thing work? Well, its spiral form allows the lamp to hold wind from any direction, ensuring movement always. At the end of each of each wind blade is situated a light source. Depending upon the speed of the wind these wind blades display waving light movements and serve as a continuous flow of light. The spiral form not only assists movement but also serves an aesthetic purpose. The designs formed by these lights are a beauty in themselves.

These pieces of beautiful lighting were tested along the coasts of Columbia. Busy and safe during sunlight, the coastal part of the city becomes dark, deserted and unsafe after sundown. It was difficult to get the light grids to the coasts and that called for an alternative lighting source. We have heard about wind energy being used to run mills. The same wind energy was put to use here – lighting up the coastal area. And not just any plain lighting – a pretty stylish one. Making use of the local produce of bamboo, the Flow was designed, developed and tested and has received many positive responses. Take a look at the various patterns the Flow makes during its movements. They are a treat to the eye. Anyone who cares for Mother Nature is sure to appreciate these designs.

Flow is all set to flow light into the world. Born from nature, it uses the energy provided by nature and in turn emits light into the lives of many. It could even, to some extent help solve energy shortage problems in the third world and developing countries. It is an awesome piece of creation sure to be accepted by all nations with open arms.

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