Asus showcases EP121 and EP101 touch screen EEE pads at Computex

Apple’s iPad was a huge success which also helped the company go ahead of Microsoft in terms of Market Capitalization for the first time in history and the recent announcement by Apple that it has sold more than 2 million iPads corroborates this very well. Of course, given the fact that such a huge market exists for touchscreen based pads, competition is more inevitable, and the Google pad is what the Industry is looking as a potential threat to the iPad. But there is competition from others also, which also includes Asus, who has just showcased its touch screen based EEE Pads at the ongoing event, Computex 2010.

It is the Asus who actually set the tone of the Computex which started only hours ago, by uncovering the sheets of its two EEE pads, the EP121 and EP101.

Asus EP121 and EP101 EEE pads

The EP121 from Asus is a 12 inch touch screen tablet powered by Intel’s Core 2 Duo CULV processors and runs on Windows 7 while promising a 1o hour battery life. For those who remain a fan of keyboard and feel it is as an essential for work, Asus is also providing a very sleek and stylish keyboard (pictured below). The tablet is gonna cost you $499 but will not be available until Q1 2011. Oh! that’s too long for us geeks who wanted our dear Windows 7 on touch screen.

Sleek and Stylich Asus Keyboard

Asus EP101 running Windows Embedded Compact=

The EP101 is a touch screen tablet (pictured above) stretching 10 inches diagonally and is powered by nVidia’s Tegra processor while running Windows Embedded Compact 7. Also, it costs $ 100 less than its big brother at $399. Regarding launch date, no respite is available as one will have to wait for Q1 2011 here too, before it hits the shelves of your nearest store.

Asus EEE pad music player

Both the tablets were shown to the Engadget guys at the Computex and it seems that the prototype tablets were not really ready for the public display as they were marred by bugs, glitches and all that. While the Asus EP121 almost denied to boot up, the compact Windows 7 had its share of bugs too. Nevertheless touch screen responded well to everything asked from it and the custom UI was impressive. As regards the bugs and so called glitches, Asus does have more than plenty time to correct them all, since the launch date is very very far. The design and aluminum body impresses well and helps reduce the weight of the pads, which is another guiding factor.

Custom Widgets and UI of Asus EEE pads

Asus EEE Pad running Opera

Enjoy the tablets in screenshots and let us know what you think of them. Will they impose any threat whatsoever to iPad and Are you really looking forward to them?

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Thanks Nitay for the tip ! Via Engadget