Kal-ee Calculator Provides Every Calculation You Can Think Of

Imagine a calculator that can provide just about every calculation you would need in your lifetime, including things like bus fees, tax returns, restaurant tips, all the daily calculations you need to do at the touch of a button. No it isn’t an iPod/iPhone (although they can do all of the functions I mentioned as well) it’s the Kal-ee concept calculator.

The idea from Mintpass is that the keypad would be transparent so it wouldn’t be stuck with your usual set of numbers and letters. Thanks to the RGB LED (which probably isn’t as environmentally friendly as this bamboo calculator) it would actually be able to display a whole slew of options depending on the calculation theme you’re looking for. The site has a few examples like and end of the year report with total salary buttons, social security deductions, tax deductions and so on. It could of course also be setup for technical calculations and graph displays, along with tax specific (federal tax, property tax,  electricity, etc.) and health specific (calories, cholesterol, you name it, we got it) issues.

Of course any device like this would have to be network ready and the Kal-ee (being a concept) can deliver this as well.  So if your financial picture isn’t look so rosy, the Kal-ee can further depress you by showing your projected income to debt levels and try to pinpoint exactly where you are run out of money and go to bankruptcy court. Thanks Kal-ee! You’re the best! Another natural limitation of some calculators is that with larger numbers you end up counting the zeroes to figure out what a particular number is, but NO, Kal-ee has a digital display that will easily translate that for you. Assuming you’re not a number geek kinda guy, in which case this functionality is likely useless.

It also has an optional printer that can be equipped with optional modules to print out whatever documentation you might need. If you need a bigger screen, Kalee has a number of detachable parts that can be added or removed for your convenience. If you’re looking for annoying features, the Kal-ee has them too, like the Hey, son! button which will call your son and force him to do your mundane calculations for you. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I’m an old man and the Kal-ee actually exists, but until then I’ll stick with my iPod or iCalculator, thank you.