Scout: Norio Fujikawa’s Cool Concept Transports You To The Future

It is amazing what one’s creativity can create. Norio Fujikawa is one gifted mind when it comes to designing kickass toys. The San Francisco based designer par excellence has come up with some great concepts in the past such as the ‘Rocket Girl’. His latest offering is the Scout.


At first glance it seems almost impossible to make out what this funky thing might be. But worry not. Let me lead you from darkness to light. In this day and age, when designers are vying to come up with the coolest, fastest, and the most innovation concepts that can revolutionize the way we travel, Fujikawa’s latest concept, I must say holds a lot of potential.


This concept toy is basically a rocket vehicle, which if materializes into a functional vehicle will truly transform the way we travel. Its front is narrow, while it gets broader at the rear end. The Scout is meant to be a two-seater vehicle that attains astounding speeds of 400 to 500mph, thanks to its two turbine engines. Wired to attain low altitudes, the Scout can be visualized as those amazing flying cars in the Hollywood sci-fi movies. Totally kickass!


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