Prototype of XO-3 tablet for OLPC will be ready by December 2010

Technology is kind of a god-sent gift for me and most of us, no doubt about it. But spare a thought about poor people who have hard time purchasing the old pieces that many of us scrapped years ago, be it a Pentium 4 running PC, first camera phone or the youngest of several DVD players that made it to our house.

Yes, there are people who are trying hard and even devoting there life for the benefit of the poor, but when it comes to technology, the name of Nicholas Negroponte is what that counts the most. His deservedly famous OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) scheme is a ray of hope for poor children to get involved in technology and have their share of fun and standard of living along with that.

Sideviews OLPC XO 3 tablet

What is making headlines now is the availability of the ‘prototype’ of creatively designed XO-3 tablet (pictured above) that will be given under the scheme at a price of $75 to make it within the reach of the poor. The prototype should be ready by December this year and the tablet will be desplayed in the upcoming CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2011.

OLPC XO 3 tablet

It is great piece of news for those, who have high hopes from the product/scheme, since the prototype is running two years ahead of what was scheduled for it. We really hope that the product development goes as smooth as possible and wish it gets its share of fame at the next to next CES to be held in Las Vegas in the year 2012, in the very much finished form at the price of then $75.

Using OLPC XO-3 Tablet

The man behind the campaign, Negroponte is surely making every single effort to assure the quality and durability of the 9 inch XO-3 tablet. He intends to equip it with dual-mode displays, one being the backlight used in traditional laptops and the other one will be E-ink display that is making the screens of Amazon’s kindle, Sony readers and others visible. The reason behind the dual-mode displays is that the targeted customers (mostly kids) will be using it indoors and many a times outdoors.

Moreover, it is desired that the tablet will be made of plastic to increase the durability but the prototype coming in this December will be made of glass.

Catch more of the XO-3 tablet in the video and have your say heard in the comments.

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Via PC World