Hidden Windows Settings Seem Probable

Windows crashing, lack of response, and other problems are not a new thing to Windows users, which brings up the question: ‘are there Hidden Windows Settings we don’t know about?’.

hidden windows settings image
This fun and fake mockup seen at Bits & Pieces shows a probable hidden setting window which seems too true to be simply made up of someone’s imagination. It just looks like it hits the nail right on the head, doesn’t it?

For other such funnies, take a look at the Blue Screen of Death collection, the hilarious Bill Gates and Steve Jobs chat or the Windows Errors Musical presentation.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Windows Settings Seem Probable

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  2. Biri.

    There’s one setting that should be turned on by default – “Shoot the user if s/he uses Comic Sans? o Yes o Yes”

  3. Dave.

    This joke is over 10 years old. Note, this style of the dialog box (with a single color in the title bar, and sharp edges) was the default in windows 95.

  4. BrianC.

    Isn’t it time to move past the pointless Mac vs. PC vs. Linux nonsense? Windows 7 is pretty stable and slick. Macs are fine – it’s the false pride of their marketing that smells funny. Linux has had some great builds over the last few years.

    1. Biri.

      I agree. Although I have no experience with Win 7, I had no problems with Vista (although the over-reliance on Win XP is getting annoying – let it die gracefully, people!). The fact that I prefer Linux (supposedly the WinShell is pretty good, but bash suits me fine) does not change anything about that.


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