Hydro Powered Calculator: Another Cacli Running On Water

You may have seen Lexon Bamboo Calculator or USB Mousepad Calculator , but this Hydro Powered Calculator has a distinguished design that really makes it eco-friendly for Green lovers. 

hydro powered calculator

We saw a Cool Water Powered Calculator long ago which gave an inspiration for creating calculators that run on water. While its design resembled the toys of kids, the new Hydro powered Calculator looks like a scientist’s invention. It reminds me of filling test-tubes with liquids for experiments at science laboratory when I was in school.

Guys! This Geeky calculator comes in an appealing green color and makes use of three water batteries to generate power with the help of two electrodes that are created by a special alloy that produces electricity when comes in contact with water due to the chemical reaction.

This water needs refilling in around 2-3 months as it gets evaporated. Because water is used instead of any chemical, the calculator is safe to use and eco-friendly. It saves electricity consumed to recharge the batteries in case of rechargeable battery. I wish batteries could generate enough electricity to power my computer. But they are very small as the calculator itself is compact in size measuring 2 inches (tall) x 5.25 inches (length) x 3 inches (width).

Unlike many cool concepts, this one is available for buying at a price of $11.

Via: Geeky Gadgets