CarPuchino Car Mod Runs On Coffee

Just when I read the name CarPuchino ‘The Coffee Powered Car’, I started thinking on how this car runs on coffee and whether it will help people drive more alert in the mornings 🙂


But it is true that this is the very first car that is powered by Coffee and I really disliked it as I thought if car would drink my coffee, what would I drink? But let me tell you that this Car-Puchine was manufactured using 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco. Some members of the BBC1 science program Bang Goes The Theory joined up to create this dramatic car that covered 210 miles between Manchester and London.


This car uses 2.2 lbs of coffee for every three miles or 56 espressos per mile (56epm) to run at a speed of 60mph. It would take round about 154 lbs of coffee and you can see the amount of money that you gonna spend on coffee would be more than the gas. But, it would save you from buying perfume/air freshener for the car as your car would always smell like fresh coffee.


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ArtCar Via: Craziegadgets