Kanibot: The New Spider-Cop In Town!

Kanibot looks like a spider but acts like a robot. Don’t go by the size, this surveillance robot can beat the smartest cop in town. With bold colors like black and yellow, the gadget wears a no nonsense look. Its glowing red eyes and hydraulic legs are enough to scare a bunch of kids.


I recently came across a similar concept called Robot Rescuer that proved to be a boon while looking for victims and survivors in the remnants of the World Trade Center.


Norio Fujikawa’s baby is blessed with 6 legs that help in exploring almost any terrain like a natural spider. It can move in all direction, take photos, videos and communicate with the base station. The motion sensors rally round the robotic spy for spotting suspicious elements. The use of Kanibot in military seems to be an obvious choice.


Endowed with a small antenna, this spider is a Spiderman in its own rights.


You could also read about the scout concept created by Norio Fujikawa that can fly like a rocket.