You will Never Again Be Lonely with this R2-D2 Pepper Grinder

Pepper is said to taste its best when freshly grounded, and what if it is served by a droid, not just any droid but a cute looking R2-D2 from the Star Wars films? Well that would be a treat! Hard to believe but it is true. This R2-D2 carries abilities to enhance tastes of food as well, at least on the pepper side.

A Japanese company has come up with a pepper grinder in the shape of R2-D2 to please all those Star Wars fans out there. Standing approximately 4.3 inches tall this peppermill looks exactly like the Star Wars droid, only that it does not have all its special tools – the hologram projector, periscope, computer interface, gripping tool, and the taser. However, it has that what no other R2-D2 has had till date – a pepper grinding mechanism.

So how does R2-D2 serve pepper? All that you have to do is turn its head and watch the pepper come out of the bottom, leaving your food seasoned with freshly ground pepper. This little peppermill is available in one more color – black, and has been named R2-D2. No matter what color it is the function remains the same.

For those who do not know who R2-D2 is here is a little introduction. A fictional droid, R2-D2 is one of the four main protagonists appearing in all six Star Wars movies along with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and C-3PO. C-3PO is a droid companion of R2-D2. Ever since its inclusion in the Star Wars movies R2-D2 has seen its popularity soaring heights. In the year 2003 it was inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame. It has not only been a part of Star Wars but has also appeared in various commercials and television series. Along with C-3PO it gave a guest appearance in the popular children’s series Sesame Street in the year 1978. Together they also presented the 50th Academy Awards. Need more to prove the popularity of R2-D2?

So now from the screen, R2-D2 has traveled a long way and has reached your dinner tables. It sure is going to be a wonderful companion for all your meals, with or without pepper. Even if you not want pepper you can still have it for company sake, sitting right next to your plate. No dinners are going to be lonely and boring any more with this cute little companion. You can buy this at $19.99.

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