An iPad cake for celebrations

Well, tell you what, Apple products find themselves celebrated all around the world round the clock. The fan frenzy takes Apple and its lovely products like iPhone and iPad figured with almost all household items and users really take pride in showing their affection towards the company with such stuff. Take the example of this cake design we have today, which is celebrating the worldwide launch of the latest iconic product of Apple, the iPad.

Is there any product left at any place on earth where Apple fans do not mix their feelings with an iPhone or iPad? Tough job to find this but we surely love this and find it cool to bring this to your notice. The iPad cake by Extra Ketchup, is a rectangular one featuring icons resembling the apps from the iPad shown in the left side.

iPad Birthday Cake

The idea of the cake and timing fared from the thought of iPad’s debut in as many as nine selected countries. The US debut was, by any measure, a huge success and its effects were seen aplenty by us in the Apple’s market capitalization and felt by Microsoft, too hard for that matter. Still, we find people for whom iPad remains as an unnecessary product which no one felt the need for. But when launched by Apple, the great fan base coupled with the hype, shot up the sales to record levels. Amazing!

Cool iPad Birthday Cake

As you may have noticed, the iPad cake features some delicious apps and you surely wanna order a piece or two but hey, we do not have any idea whether your fav appstore is selling one in this form and the relevant prices. We know you wish to order such a cake for your birthday party with your fav apps listed on the main home screen. I think that would not be too hard and I would suggest you to take it up with your local bakery man. Don’t worry too much about WiFi/3G only version, after all, you are just gonna eat this one!

Celebration with iPad Birthday Cake

We know this is just not enough for Apple-ites like you and may your hunger gets satisfied with iChocolate, where apps get their choco versions. You would also like Apple Store Diorama by Apple fans and the iPad Bacon case.

Via ObamaPacman