Homemade Batman Batpod is a Dream

One of my favorite aspects of the newest Batman movies is that they portrayed Batman’s seemingly endless collection of gadgets in a more realistic light. There have also been a number of enthusiasts who have sought to emulate Batman’s greatness by recreating the batmobile, but the batpod? Particularly the one from the most recent movie? That I have not seen.Until now anyway, as one group is showing us how to build your own Batpod, and you can even enter a raffle to win the completed (and completely badass) bike on eBay. I’m in.

Now obvious safety issues aside (something about laying down face first while going 60+ mph does not sit well with me), this DIY batpod has a detailed build log showing the process, even going so far as to show the batpod with a number of scantily clad women, which I’ve included one from for the sake of ahem, completeness (and no, before you even ask, she does not come with the bike if you happen to win the raffle). The mechanics of this bike are no joke, either. There’s no visible chain on the Batpod, as the creator points out, the engine uses an output sprocket to drive a short chain hooked to the driveshaft. I have no idea what that means, but apparently it requires a lot of precision to drive, otherwise the chain can skip off and disable the vehicle. Funny I don’t remember that happening in the movie, but that would have been hilarious.

batman batpod diy image 4

As you can see by the finished product, it looks pretty damn close to the real deal. If you’re interested in the raffle to win one, it began on May 22nd, 2010. They are selling 5000 raffle tickets at $20 a pop and the motorcycle will be raffled off officially at the end of July. Make sure you have your shipping arrangements in order though, since they aren’t going to be shipping the bike to you for free. No word on whether those guns on the front actually function though, but I bet it would fit in with your motorcycle collection much like this Black Widow Steampunk chopper or a Predator Motorcycle.

Via: HacknMod