16 Hamburger Shaped Designs That Look Absolutely Delicious

Ever wanted to have hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Have a look at these-they have been create by people who relish hamburgers. Well, not all are edible but certainly striking with their resemblance to your favorite fast food. Let us eat, drink and sleep burgers!

I hope you are hungry, for here are 16 Cool Hamburger Inspired Designs that look absolutely delicious and may make you salivate.

1. Hamburger bed

What is more inviting than this cozy hamburger-bed when you enter your room after a late night? Looking all-comfortable and pampering, the bed is made of extra-soft cushions that fit in well. the color and the make resembles the hamburger to a large extend, thanks to the delicate design features. Make it a point not to enter your room with an empty stomach- you wouldn’t want to sit the whole night yearning for food!

2. Lego hamburger combos

Hamburger is my favorite food and, Lego my favorite toy. So, here is a combination of both. The most versatile bricks ever, can now be formed into your favorite food as well. The hamburger, French fries and the drink- all looks perfectly in-place and pampering. After all, good food can always be inspirational! We have a real value with the Lego McDonalds Big Mac and another choice with the Lego Cheeseburger Combo.

3. Hamburger Inspired Dress

Designer Joy Kampia O’Shell seems to have made a Hamburger dress that anyone on planet earth would love to have. It cam make you the star in any of the theme parties or simply parade your love for good food. Well, there is no reason that a vegetarian can’t wear this-all you need is to omit the slice of ham.

4. Hamburger cushions

The hamburger bed first, and now the Cheeseburger cushion. It is a simple and innovative designer cushion that would add aesthetics to your living room. The cushion is in fact a collection of a number of cushions that resemble the bun, cabbage, tomatoes and the slice of ham. Most of them are about 30” wide and looks good however they are stacked together. The whole set is tagged at $220.

5. Hamburger shoes

Baked to perfection, this is the burger-shoes. I don’t know how many of you would find this appetizing, but it definitely looks full of calories. You can even see the lace and an opening were the leg goes in the burger ‘shoes’. Unquestionably it has an innovative design, but a bad choice to pattern your favorite food.

6. Hamburger cake

This great looking Hamburger cake was found in state fair competition in California and simply lets you to savor the delicious chocolate and icing while your eyes have a feast on the yummy-looking hamburger. Well, at least here is a hamburger that even the vegetarians can feed on!

7. Woolen hamburgers

Here comes another enchanting master piece. This small knitted burger is cute and handy. It is striking with its close resemblance to the real burger and the intelligent knitting pattern. Unfortunately, u cant buy this delicate art piece- so you will have to make one Hamburger Knit pattern yourself.

8. Hamburger phone

Yet another hamburger-inspired gadget, the burger phone is the conventional telephone that reminds you of your favorite fast-food. It has all the features like a touch tone dialing, adjustable volume and last number redial. It is tagged at $28.

9. Hamburger vacuum cleaners

It would be nice to have a hand-held cleaner to tidy your place after a great hamburger. What if the device is just like your favorite snack? This is were this one-touch battery operated Hamburger vacuum cleaner come in handy. 3”tall, this lets you to clean the mess with just a lazy movement of the hand.

10. Hamburgers USB

Here is another cool gadget that can excite the food-lover in you. This hamburger USB has a capacity of 8GB. Made of high quality plastic and compatible with both Windows and Mac, it is available for about $29.99.

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11. Hamburger bike

The hamburger Harley is the end product of the combination of about 1,000 pieces by the hamburger enthusiast Harry Sperl of Daytona Beach, Florida.  The top bun can be flipped open to access the seating and the stacked vegetables are all air-brush painted to meet the quest for perfection. For a man who has been going around collecting burger related things for over a decade, this delicious trike is the perfect match.

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12. Hamburger puzzle

Not entirely different from the Lego hamburger that we saw earlier is this hamburger puzzle. Both let you to set the bits together to form the best fast food made by man. The melted cheese and the fillings are sure to set anyone go salivating. Whats better is that unlike the conventional 2D puzzles, this one is 3D ; so that when you are done with your game, what you have in hand is a real hamburger-but not edible!

13. Hamburger Yo-Yo toy

The Hamburger Yo-Yo toy has always been a top choice among all. With varied colors, forms and themes, it has survived centuries. The Yo-Yo featured here is a resemblance of the hamburger and comes at $0.99. Certainly, entertaining and hopefully it increases the appetite for those children who are to be force-fed.

14. Hamburger stool

It seems that food is the ’in-thing’ in furnishing. Following the hamburger bed and cushions, here is the hamburger inspired stool. While the cushions were all cozy and appealing, this one here serves the purpose well. A stool made of bun, vegetables and oozing cheese is definitely going to be the center-point in your furnishing.

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15. Hamburger charm

It is time to bring in some food into your accessory collection. The burger charm is simply the best option. The delicious looking design is more appealing with the 14 carat gold platting and the clear rhinestone sesame seeds. This multi-color enamel hamburger looks good enough to be eaten.

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16. Hamburger mouse pad with cover

This hamburger mouse pad will not simply keep your hand warm but make you feel hungry each time you touch the mouse. Measuring 260 x 242 x 38mm, this mouse pad has a built-in warmer. With a simple design and weighing just 100 grams, this mouse pad is available at $14.

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