Envolve, an innovation in comments system that will become an addiction

How do you find the way we comment today? We know it is way easier now with all innovations in Web 2.0 but this is not the end of development. Right? If the threaded view in comments system is impressive, the new project we are going to talk about will be mind boggling.

The experiments on the comments system stemming up from Silicon Valley in the form of project ‘Envolve’ is something that might become the next addiction for those of you who love to be heard in comments.

Evolve Registration

The ‘Envolve’ actually is a tool for websites to allow its users to chat on any of its web page. It results in effective and efficient conversation between users and whoever visits the page, can join in between and leave in between. A notification would appear at the bottom left (like the pic given below), it shows the number of visitors on the page currently and users can start a new chat by clicking the option. New users get notified of the ongoing chat as they visit the page and those in chat can simply exit the chat at wish. When there are no users left in the discussion, the chat closes down automatically.

Chat Notification

Lets take as example of this article only. If Envolve was enabled, then you would simply pull the Envolve button to register quickly and start a chat, all on the same page. Now whoever visits this page can join in and leave at will, that makes the communication very easier, fast, responsive and nevertheless, effective.

In fact, it is live now compared to other cases, where you would often visit the page back after a day or two to check what’s going on or tap endlessly to refresh the same page again and again. Yes, I have done this countless times and enjoyed too, but this seems boring now, all of a sudden!

Although still in early-stage start up, expect the launch soon and for those who cannot wait to try Envolve on their website, beta version is available. Your observations are welcomed at Envolve. Just fill in the form at Envolve to get the launch details, For trying the beta, fill a 3 field form and paste the 2 lines of code on your HTML page. Moreover, integration with Facebook is being worked upon along with other performance improvements. It is worth every try, what you think?

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