The Bath Infinity Concept: The Luxurious Bath

Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov this bath christened the Bath Infinity is amazingly equipped with music, scents and visual images for your complete relaxation, comfort and enjoyment.The Bath Infinity Concept

The Bath Infinity goes to infinity and beyond with its new age technology and materials giving you complete comfort, enjoyment and relaxation, so you no longer need to go to a spa to relax, you can do it right here at home!

This brilliant bath is equipped with a mini-computer control system with a waterproof touch screen mounted on the side panel, allowing you to control the aromatherapy settings, water temperature, music and hydro- massage modes. The computer system is also equipped with removable cartridges with a variety of components which make bathing a luxury, such as pine oils, sea salt and a variety of scents; and can also be remote connected to the internet allowing you to preset your desired mode.

The Bath Infinity Concept (2)

This paper boat-shaped bath tub allows you to isolate yourself from the world with its concealed valves which allow a silent onset of water on the walls of the bath and the high back further supplement the onset of isolation from your noisy surroundings. The bath also has a centralized LED source which will definitely soothe your nerves.

The Bath Infinity Concept (3)

The Bath Infinity with its incredible hi-tech design and luxury certainly takes relaxation to a whole new level.

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