Geeky Shoe Designs Featuring Video Games and Internet Apps

Daniel Reese, at the age of 21 created used his graphical talent to design amazing shoes based on games and Internet applications…and the results are just phenomenal.


If you are bored of wearing normal shoes and you want to wear something different, then you can either make your shoes geeky by stickers of your favorite gaming characters or show off your love for Internet applications by Sticking Google or twitter logo.


There rae many ways by which people are showing how much they are into social networking such as Twitter and Facebook Mousepads and yummy Twitter Chocolate Cake.


If you can’t do it yourself, then ask Daniel, as in his free time he makes shoes that would let you brag your love for gaming characters or web apps. He has made Google, Halo, Mario, MGS, Pacman, Sonic, twitter and Zelda shoes. But as he is stuffed with orders so you need to place order 4-6 weeks before.




Brass Monki Via: Gadgetsteria