Star Trek Communicator Brought Right From the Wrath of Khan

One of the most unforgettable motion pictures, Star Trek is once again determined to make its presence felt in the geekiest way ever with Wrath of Khan Communicator Replica. The movie had edged the most heroic genres in the movie history, especially with the part of The Wrath of Khan. The movie created huge stirs amongst all, and why not, it has one of the most exciting Sci-Fi effects ever.Star Trek Communicator Brought Right From the Wrath of Khan

This design of the Wrath of Khan communicator, that’s inspired from Star Trek, is an awesome replica from the Wrath of Khan. So most eye-catching part of this gadget is when you open the communicator, to hear the voice that screams “KHAN” till you want it to continue. Giving it a more fashionable look for livelier effect, check out the flashy lights to set the theme. It also features some cool phrases from Admiral Kirk, Spock, Khan and Uhura.

The only set back for all the fans is that you’d have to wait till November to get your hands on this communicator. But you’d definitely love to know that this model features 3 play modes, namely the Voice Clip Mode, Screaming Kirk Mode, Call-Back function, along with the chirping sound effects upon the opening and closing of the device.

So book this most awaited gadget for just $37.99 at Entertainment Earth. While you wait in anticipation to get this communicator in your own room, you should definitely check out the Star Trek Pewter Mug or the Animated Star Trek Lamp to rejoice the Star Trek fun!