iBra: A Winged iPhone Sound Dock Design

A friend recommended this sound dock design and told you that it is a must for any iPhone owner…if it were more than a concept. You check it out online and are immediately impressed by its minimalistic design. The dock reminds you of a design aesthetic that Apple is famous for, though it is not an Apple product.

You dock your precious iPhone; turn the volume to maximum, and power on the sound dock. As the notes of music flow out of the system, you feel as if you are in the presence of a winged angel and it is singing to you.

No, this is not temporary insanity or some such thing; it is simply the effect of the iBra: the iPhone sound dock you purchased.

There are a couple of reasons why listening to music on the iBra (pronounced ebra) is a heavenly experience. One is the sleek design of the sound dock is such that it resembles the wings of an angel. The two grey colored speakers are shaped like wings, while the centre portion that docks the iPhone is flat and colored white.

The other reason why you experienced the singing of angels on the sound dock is that the iBra has a full, bass-rich sound that gives the listener a pure auditory experience. Any music lover who listens to the iBra will testify to that.

Designed by Marco D’Arcangelo, iBra has all the regular features of a normal sound dock. It is portable and can be carried any place and played anywhere. iBra’s built in dock allows you to charge your iPhone when it is docked in the speaker system.

The iBra has been designed keeping the future in mind. With a minor modification, the sound dock can also act as external speakers for the iPad  – the latest product by Apple and the PC of the future.

Because of the iBra’s design aesthetic and portability, it can be used for a variety of occasions. It could play the part of a sound system at a house or office party, could be your sound companion on road trips or vacation, and for the more adventurous, it could double up as a boomerang; though, we do not recommend the last option.

If you are searching for a sound dock to play your iPhone or iPad, then the iBra is your best bet.

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