Time Switch Allows You to Stop the Time

As humanity has evolved, we have constantly invented scientific and technological breakthroughs. We have been to the moon and back, the planet Mars has witnessed a robotic land rover exploring its surface, there is a telescope that allows us to see far into the deep reaches of space with amazing clarity.

We have invented a global network that allows us to upload text, audio, and video, and share it with others across the world (the internet). With the invention of the mobile phone, we can stay connected with our loved ones and friends no matter where we are.

Recently, the entire human genome sequence was mapped opening doors to treatments for diseases that had a high mortality rate. We have even gone so far as to play God by cloning animals and creating artificial intelligence. We are proud of our achievements and we should be. However, despite all of our technological advances, we still have not been able to do one thing. That one thing is…being able to stop time.

Just imagine all that we would be able to achieve if we could only find a way to stop time from ticking. You are running late for a date with your girlfriend, and you know no matter what you do you are going be late. You wish you could stop time and surprise your girl. The deadline for an office presentation is looming over your head and you just can’t seem to finish it. Again, you wish you could stop time and finish your presentation.

American artist Harc Lee was so fed up with the constraints of ticking time that he decided to do something about it. He knew that current technology has not progressed enough to invent a device that could stop time. Therefore, he did the next best thing; design a wall clock that allows you to stop time, albeit in a fun kind of a way.

The wall clock is designed like a normal wall switch and displays time in red digits (talk about metaphors). If you want to stop time, all you have to do is flip the switch, on the wall clock, off. The time will not be displayed. When you flip the switch on, the updated time will be displayed.

The wall clock is titled ‘Time Switch’ and comes in a grey monotone color. It is a fun thing to have at your home or office. When you are too stressed for time, simply turn it off.

Thanks to Time Switch, time can finally be controlled…at least in a fake metaphorical sense.

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