Paper iPhone TV Engages You In A Cute Way!

I wonder why TV sets have been branded as an idiot box, what’s so idiot about it. The box shaped TV sets are soon going to be a thing from the past. With LCD flat screens conquering our living rooms, we can only reinvent it and keep it alive in our memories. One such attempt comes from the designers of the Paper iPhone TV set concept. This is no showpiece that you buy and keep it for display. Don’t be lazy; you can first give a cute shape to the so called idiot box and then enjoy watching it.


It might sound a little crazy to have a fully functional TV set made of paper. But you can give life to it by inserting your iPhone in away that its screen appears to be the screen of the Paper TV.
Even though we can access TV from our mobile phones, we are still not used to staring our phones for a couple of hours. With Paper iPhone TV; you can be psychologically assured of a television experience.


You can even color up your portable TV in your favorite Color. Doesn’t it bring out the child in you?


Apple products have been inspiring me to throw an Apple Theme Party at home. I already have this cute little Paper iPhone TV. Besides the iPod bedsheet and the iPad cake, this is another great design. I’m going to capture the entire fun from the owle-iphone-video-rig. Well I planned my party…when is yours?

Via: Gizmodiva