R2-D2 Goes Iron Man Style

Everytime I look at this Iron Man R2-D2 I can’t help but think of that scene in the first Star Wars movie (chronologically speaking, although many of my friends seem to wish there were no “new” ones) where Obi-Wan is talking to the Stormtroopers and persuading them that these are not, in fact, the Iron Man droids they are looking for.

There’s no question that R2 seems to lend himself to being modded into all sorts of creative outlets. We’ve seen R2 recreated from something as simple as a beer can with this R2D2 Heineken Robot Sculpture and if you’re looking for something a little more pragmatic, he also makes for a good R2-D2 pepper grinder too. Despite the fact that he can’t speak and only communicates with obnoxious beeping sounds, R2 is still a beloved character and it’s no surprise that we see so many different iterations of him.

Now this version of R2-D2 would pack a lot of serious firepower. He wouldn’t have any little sissy jets to take him across short distances or a stun gun. No way, Iron Man R2-D2 would have to be packing, although I’m not sure where his hand equivalent would come from to shoot Iron Man’s signature energy blasts. I think he’d make a good sidekick for the next Iron Man sequel, though. Warmachine doesn’t have anything on this little droid…OK well maybe he does, but they could still team up as a trio. I don’t think C-3P0’s constant whining would stand with Iron Man R2 though, and would likely have gotten annihilated sometime between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back. The creation actually came from a Mr. Mike Verta, an award winning film and television composer. Verta is actually taking on a Star Wars Legacy project of his own where he seeks to bring to life his own personal restoration of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Keep up the good work Mike, and I expect to see R2-D2 Iron Man style in action soon.

Via: 8bitmonster