Iron Man 2 Armor Comic Chest T-Shirt for the Daring Geeks!

Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd? But this urge to look different has some boundaries too. What is “cool” for you can be “weird” for the rest. And you got to have the metal in you to wear this T-shirt. This is no ordinary T-shirt but the Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt. One has to be absolutely crazy about the Iron Man cult to flaunt it or at least a TV/movie geek who doesn’t give a damn to what people say.

Iron man T-shirt

The T-shirt features for around $18 and might capitalize on the hype created by the movie, Iron Man 2 which released last month.

As iron attracts magnets, your t-shirt would attract many eye balls. If you can ignore them and be yourself; I would reiterate…the Iron Man T-shirt is the right choice for you.

You could also check out other products which pay tribute to the Iron Man like the Iron Man Helmet and the Iron Man Arc Reactor Chest Light.

Via: SlashFilm