Kisai Changing Lanes Watch Saves You From Terrific Traffic

If you are tired of getting stuck in traffic jams almost every second day in your life, then, here is a revolutionary product for you.Yes, we are talking about the much talked about Kisai Changing Lanes Watch which you can get it to beat the rush hour and drive to your destination without wasting any time.

Kisai Changing Lanes Watch

This Tokyoflash watch displays hours on the left side of its interface and the starting at the top is with 1:00 which goes to 6:00 at the bottom when you start traveling. When you change lanes, the hours shift from 7:00 to 12:00 from bottom towards the top. Just try to follow the suggestions of changing lanes as guided by Kisai Changing Lanes Watch with a cool and calm mind and your many minutes will be saved on a daily basis on the road.

Once you switch on Kisai Changing Lanes Watch, you will notice blue and orange digital tubes illuminated on this watch in front of the black interface that makes the blue and orange lines more visible and easy to spot while driving.

On the right hand side of the interface of this watch, you will see minutes in 3 minutes intervals from 3 towards the top and 27 towards the bottom. Remember that two single minutes will light up separately for displaying the precise timing.

All you need to make this watch function properly is to keep charging it when it requires charging. Charging time required for Kisai Changing Lanes Watch is 3.5 hours and once charged it will go on without any problem for at least a month. One battery of this watch will work for as long as 300 charges meaning 300 months, then you will need to replace its battery.

To charge Kisai Changing Lanes Watch, you need to connect it using a USB cable provided with it. Once charged, you will again see the same brightness in its light. Remember that every 15 minutes between 18:00 and 24:00, lights will sweep up and down the display of Kisai Changing Lanes Watch.

Now read about some factual information about Kisai Changing Lanes Watch. It comes in a stainless steel case and is made of a stainless steel strap and you can easily turn off its LED animation option. This watch comes with a minimum wrist size of 130mm and maximum wrist size of 200mm.

The case dimensions of this watch are 33 x 48 x 9mm and you will also be glad to know that this is a water resistant watch weighting just 164g. It comes fitted with a LIR2032 rechargeable and replaceable battery. Lastly, it comes with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty, so what else you require?

Kisai Changing Lanes Watch comes in an amazing silver +MultiLED color that makes it stylish to wear for the user. You can pick this awesome gadget in just $169.73, which is truly worth it for the time it saves for you preventing you from getting stuck in traffic jam not once but always.

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