The “Beat On The Block” Gives New Meaning To Beatboxing

Percussion can be considered as the heart beat of every musical symphony and it is really hard to blend together different musical instruments into the symphony without the underlying beats. This well known fact has been put into practicality by a bunch of students from Artesis University College of Antwerp, that are out there to Jazz up the world with their new Beat On The Block.

Beat On The Block1

This cool new-gen musical instrument enables a musician to convert any surface into a musical platform of creativity and add the thump factor to it. Using all the modern day tech available in touch sensing and acoustics, this beatbox is able to replicate the sound of a full drum kit anytime and anywhere.

Beat On The Block2

All you need to do is to put on the gloves and find yourselves a surface to tap your fingers on, once you are doing your job perfectly the specifically designed backpack begins to do it’s tasks, it will automatically recreate the beats corresponding to the user’s finger tapping.

Beat On The Block3

This radical new instrument also allows multiple users to work in tandem, thus surpassing the capabilities of the previously existing drum machines and also enhancing the user experience.

Beat On The Block4

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Via: the Designs Blog