The World’s Worst Batmobile Hits the Road

If you’ve been reading Walyou for sometime now, you have seen plenty of cool Batman gadgetry and recreations along the way. I would never have though to feature the world’s worst batmobile as opposed to the best, but here it is. It looks like a sad recreation of the iconic vehicle. I mean, sure, we get the general idea, and it does have the bat symbol on it. On the other hand, it gets an A for effort and a failing grade for actual execution. The question of whether you should take your local junker and turn it into a batmobile using dark gray spray paint and a general idea of what the bat symbol looks like has been answered. It probably isn’t worth the time and effort to do so. At best you have a mediocre looking car, at worst it looks a lot like a joke. Maybe that was the intention all along.

This is especially true when you stack it up against other batman creations. If you look at this fully functional batpod, for example, you’re immediately reminded of one from the movie. Heck even this batmobile recreation in go kart form manages to pull off the look from the new movie. I wouldn’t mind taking that around for a few laps! This car actually reminds me of something from the the Dark Knight, when other vigilantes try to replicate batman’s success. Not having access to millions upon millions of dollars, they don’t really pull off the badass super hero look, instead resorting to ski masks and hockey pads. Yeah, this is what those guys would drive.

Still I have hard time completely bashing the effort. I mean if you want your car to look like the batmobile but you aren’t a mechanic and don’t have access to a new paint job or a car hanging around that you can heavily modify, you just have to make due with what you have. Of course you’ll need to weigh that fact that instead of being awestruck, most viewers will look at it and say “Why bother?”

Via: Comics Alliance