Get an Alarm Clock featuring your fav SuperHero for a really SUPER Morning!

Do you dream about superheros like Iron Man, Spider Man, the Hulk, Captain America, etc? Or would you at the very least want one of them to wake you up? Well, in the second case you would love to purchase an alarm clock with your fav superhero at the face of it to wake you up in the morning when you are done dreaming about a co-operative mission with your fav hero.

We have some alarm clocks for you themed with different super-heroes and you can pick your fav one. here we go:


Iron Man Alarm Clock

The traditional cute alarm clock features a flying Iron Man posture at heart and stands 7 inches high. If you are still in awe the movie Iron Man 2, this would make a gentle purchase to show case your love to the most technical superhero of them all. FYI, it was not manufactured by Tony Stark in the cave and neither the actual manufacturer would intend to. Costs just $18.99.


Spider Man Alarm Clock

Flying in dreams along with the Spider Man or too crazy about him, this is for you then. The clock is 7 inches tall and will make your wallet lighter by $18.99, the same for an Iron Man fan. Remember, more power brings more responsibility, the famous line said by Spider man’s uncle to him. I would say, more early you wake up with this clock, more time you get for your work!


Captain America Alarm Clock

This clock features a Captain America figure exploding on the scene and has been given light blue color to suit better with the persona. Available at same size and same cost of $18.99.


HULK Alarm Clock

The Hulk alarm clock is a bit scary since you would not want smashing photo right up front in the morning wake up call. What if it gets your blood pumped up and you may end up smashing this very alarm clock. This one featuring the big green superhero is 4 inches in diameter and cost $18.99.


THOR Alarm Clock

The son of Odin’s Alarm clock features a flying Thor at the face of the clock. In case you are a tough guy to wake up, let the lightning struck in the morning and you will be up in a second. Standing 5.2 inches tall, it costs same as other clocks, $18.99.

That was it. Find more superhero stuff, have a look at Iron Man 2 cap, superhero headphone and a superhero mask.