Lego Made 1966 Batmobile BoxCar

Here is a great Lego creation that has made the oldie 1966 Batmobile in a BoxCar version, providing a very new and creative style I must admit is absolutely awesome.

1966 batmobile boxcar lego

It was created by Reasonably Clever Chris featuring the Batman Cube Dude that was made by Angus MacLane. The overall design of the 1966 Batmobile is extremely miniature but packs a punch in detail and cuteness. It even adds the flame for the extra feel of the old Batman TV Show.

batman 1966 batmobile lego boxcar

lego 1966 batman batmobile boxcar

lego batmobile boxcar art

The thing is, if you are not a huge Batman fan but like the style of this Lego Art, then you should check out other cute creations, such as the Big Lebowski Lego Characters or the A-Team Characters. Both are additional works by Angus that really make the personalities come alive.

1966 batmobile lego replica boxcar

lego boxcar batmobile art

Well, in the end, you could always make some of these yourself…just got to have the patience and ability to see the work through. Hat’s off to Chris and Angus for such creativity and work!

lego batmobile boxcar art

Via: Comics Alliance