Paper Shredding Coffee Table Hungers For More

There’s something I find fascinating about furniture that’s been redesigned to serve more than one purpose. I mean would you have thought to put a paper shredder together with a coffee table? The papervore is a wonderful little piece of innovation with a rather high price tag.

Wired clocks in the table at about $2,000. I guess if you’re hard up for space efficiency in your New York City studio apartment you’d consider getting one, but otherwise you could buy a really nice paper shredder and coffee table separately for that kind of money. Still, I give them props for choosing a cool name (the table is called the Papervore) and the materials are definitely solid. The table was made from bent powder-coated aluminum, oak, mahogany and acrylics. It’d be nice to have an easy way to dispose of my junk mail that comes in everyday rather than have them pile up on my table, but for 2 grand this thing should not be hand-cranked!

We’re no strangers to neat looking coffee tables here at Walyou, either, I mean this LED Video Coffee table or this slick looking Pyramid Shaped Coffee table that also serves as iPod dock would both ve viable alternatives for our friend the papervore here. I’d have to believe they’d be cheaper too, but it’s hard to tell with these uber cool design tables. One might be a few hundred bucks and the next will blow your mind with the price tag.

I think a gaming related table would be more up my alley, but maybe you could combine all three. I think someone should make a table like this, with the paper shredder built in, but rather than just a plain look we’ll give it a theme like the pirhana plants from the Super Mario series. Oh! We could also go Star Wars and make it look the sarlac pit from the return of the Jedi. What do you guys think? What voracious creature from a game/movie/TV series would fit well into a paper-eating cofee table?

Via: Wired