A Pack Of Bread That Can Be Used As a Notebook

Just when you think you have seen it all and innovation has nothing new to offer…pleasant surprises come knocking on the door. And a recent scrumptious surprise to have caught our fancy is the Sliced Bread Notebook. Now sliced bread and notebook are two terms you don’t often hear in one sentence. But Burak Kaynak from Istanbul, Turkey, has not only brought these two words together but has also combined them to form one novel concept.

We all have seen infinite number of notebooks in the markets and we have seen them in another infinite variation. Some of them are designed to serve utility and some are visual delights. The Sliced Bread Notebook by Burak Kaynak and Cem Has however serves both utility and visual gratification and in fact much more. The set consists of 12 deliciously bread-slice shaped notebooks marked numerically for convenience. They are packed and look strikingly similar to a pack of sliced bread, actually let me correct that, look ABSOLUTELY like a pack of bread and if you wouldn’t know better you might take home one in hope to make a great turkey sandwich!

Each notebook is marked in numbers from 1 to 12, which you can use for each twelve months of the year. They are charmingly given a mild wheat hued tinge (for the health conscious ones!), and the notebooks are little more than palm-size. They are hard-backed and are filled with crisp plain white pages giving them an understated yet refined look. The best part about them, however, is how they are packed and carried. You needn’t shuffle them around your over-stuffed bag, or fuss for space to stow them, but all you have to do is put these slices (as these notebooks are lovingly called!) in their pack, tie them with the string and take them wherever you want. Just one of these pack is going to last you one whole year, I’m sure your normal bread slices won’t be able to last that long neither they can be used for writing upon.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life and with these bread slices you have plenty of variety to last you all year long. Though at the end of the day they are just notebooks, something that is used to jot down simple everyday stuff, but with their stimulatingly fresh design they come across as a boon to end the monotony of everyday life. So the next time you wish to satiate your hunger for some appetizing writing, tasty slices of bread are there to be scribbled upon!

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