The 26 Geekiest Pillow Designs To Rest Your Head On

Whether we want to admit it or not, Geeks still need rest. Yes, we sometimes go through crazy video game marathons or spend long hours watching our favorite shows, but in the end, we need to rest our head, and it is preferable on a personal pillow we have gotten used to and have grown to love.

That is why we have gathered 26 Geeky Pillows Designs that range from Video Games to actual Pillows concepts. All of these pillows are well designed with some made for your bed and others as decorative cushions. In the end, it is your particular taste will be the one that really matters.

Video Game Pillow Designs

Here are a number of different pillows that were designed to represent some of your favorite and classical video games.

Super Mario Brothers Pillows

super mario bros hat pillow design

This geeky Super Mario Bros. Hat Pillow represents one of the most popular video games ever created, and although fans may not want to actually wear the hat, they may feel really safe and at home when laying their head upon it.

Ms. Pacman and the Ghosts Pillows

ms pacman ghosts pillow design

Besides Mario, Pacman is also up there as one of the most popular video game characters, and now we have Ms. Pacman and the Ghosts keep us company during our gaming marathons or on our sleep breaks.

Space Invaders Pillows

space invaders pillows design

The Space Invaders pillow has a retro look that is both represented by the actual game character and also by the pixel art.

Nintendo Game Boy Plush Pillows

nintendo game boy pillow design

The Nintendo Game Boy Pillow along with the Game Boy plush toys make for great company when you are in your bed. The first grants tribute to the original and classic Nintendo handheld, and the second provide a cute way to look at the Gameboy as a toy to cuddle with.

game boy plush toys design

PSP Pillow

psp pillow design image

Sony fans would really love the PSP Pillow which may not be as portable as the popular handheld, but it simply allows you a way to never have to part with the PSP…even when asleep.

Minesweeper Pillows

minesweeper pillow design image

Minesweeper may not be an official video game, but it is still a popular game for Computer users. These specific Minesweeper pillows allow you to play different game combinations and also include musical sound effects in case you want to fall asleep with the game in mind.

Web Pillows

These are some cool pillows that will make you think of the net (and apps) when taking a rest.

Social Media Icons Pillows

social media icons pillow designs image

These awesome Social Media Icons Pillows show some of the most popular social media sites’ icons in a cute and cuddly pillow. The first image just shows Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Friends Feed and Reddit, but the artist also made sure Digg is included, as well as the famous RSS Icon.

digg icon pillow design

rss icon pillow design image

Text Talk Pillows

lol text talk pillow design image

I really don’t know anyone who will not be familiar with words seen in the Text Talk Pillows. The famous Words/Acronyms such as BRB, LOL, ROFL, OMG and BFN are etched in today’s world for Online and Offline use.

brb text talk pillow design image

iPhone and Android Pillows

iPhone Apps Pillows

iphone icons pillow design image

Beautifully made, the iPhone Apps Icons Pillows show the default main iPhone applications every single iPhone user is familiar with. I personally hope that someone comes up with designs for Blackra1n or Cydia, for those are way too important to forget.

Android Mascot Pillows

google android pillows image

Android may not have been around as long as the iPhone, but it is gaining ground and popularity with each day. In the Android Pillows we do not see any specific apps or phone but the actual mascot that has become the actual brand of Google’s phones.

Food Pillows

You may not be allowed (or want to) take food into your bed, but these food pillows really do the trick by having your favorite dish with you at all times.

Cheeseburger Pillow

cheeseburger pillow design image

The greatest thing about the Cheeseburger Pillow is that it is made up of separate ingredients, so you could build your custom burger. You could make it a vegetarian burger, with or without cheese, take out a specific vegetable or even just have the buns to rest on.

Pizza Pillow

pizza pillow design image

Unfortunately, the Pizza Pillow is not customized, but it still provides a way to bring Pizza in bed. Better yet…no grease or calories are included.

Sushi Combination Pillows

sushi combination pillows designs image

The Sushi Combination Pillows are also customizable, so you could make out your favorite Sushi combination.

Geeky Pillow Designs

Here are some more Geeky pillows surrounding true computer users.

Adobe Creative Suite Icons Pillows

adobe creative suite icons pillow designs image

You do not have to be a designer to recognize most of these Adobe Icons Pillows with their acronyms and colors. A true Adobe fan would appreciate the choice of either getting their hands on one specific app or getting the entire bundle.

Ctrl Alt Del Pillows

ctrl alt del pillow designs image

While not many would like to use the button combination, the Ctrl Alt Del Pillows provide a once in a lifetime fun way of looking at those three keyboard keys. At least crashing with these pillows could mean some well due rest.

Mac Keys Pillows

mac keys pillow design image

The Mac Keys Pillows finally grant recognition to Mac users who wish to lay their Apple head to rest.

Computer Keyboard Pillow

computer keyboard pillow design image

Sometimes we want to rest a little bit after hours in front of the screen. In order to make that even easier, the Computer Keyboard Pillow was made, so you could truly take time out from typing and lay your head where you typed.

iSleep Pillow Concept

isleep pillow design image

The iSleep Pillow is a conceptual design that aims to be a pillow that straps to the Laptop Lid. Moreover, it notices when the lid is close and then fills up with hot air, making yoru rest even more soothing.

Miscellaneous Pillows

Blood Spill Pillow

blood pillow design image

Call it funny or morbid, but the Blood Pillow is a little sadistic no matter which way you look at it. True, it could provide you a place to rest your head, but any bystander could literally freak out.

Condom Pillow

giant condom pillow design image

This specific pillow has really went out of its way to cause some shock value. The Condom Pillow is an actual replica of a LifeStyles condom (and wrapper) and works just the same, as it can be unzipped, with the internal cushion removed and ‘worn’.

Glowing Pillow Alarm Concept

glowing pillow alarm clock design

What an amazing concept this one is. It is a Glowing Pillow Alarm that will let you rest and wake you by slowly glowing brighter and brighter. Sound sleepers will probably not find it useful, but many would still rather have that than an annoying alarm clock.

Emotional Pillow

emotional interactive pillow concept

Lovers who are apart would appreciate the Emotional Interactive Pillow concept. It aims to recognize emotional touches, so when apart, they could interact with a smiling pillow besides a voice on the phone.