The Baby Faced Crying Hand Shower Conserves Water

Getting up in the morning is, for you, one of the toughest things to do.  You still need to get up five days a week to go to work. As soon as the alarm bell rings, you wish you could sleep for just another five minutes. However, you get up and try to get going. You brush your teeth slowly, have a quick cup of coffee, and trudge to your bath.

The same, boring, grey colored hand shower stares back at you. You proceed with your daily bath and get on with your day. You sometimes wish that there were a dash of excitement and fun to your morning routine. This was probably the reason why designer Kim do yeop decided to design a hand shower that promises to spice up your dreary morning routine.

So, the alarm bell rings, you get up, brush, drink coffee and get in your shower. But this time, it is not the same boring grey colored hand shower that stares back at you.

The hand shower has a metallic grey shine and a nice slender shape to it. The showerhead has a cute looking face imprinted on it: two black slits are the eyes and it has a molded nose and lips. A heart shaped button is located on the handgrip of the shower.

Just looking at it has already brightened your morning. Now you wonder how this hand shower works.When you press the heart shaped button the water rushes into the hand shower and streams out through the two black slits.

You get a nice steady flow of water to wash away your sleepiness and to soak you in the freshness of the morning. Apart from the fun aspect, the hand shower has an environment conscious aspect to it too.

As water continuously pumps into the hand shower the nose of the showerhead lights up in red. A gear, attached to the nose inside the showerhead, acts as the lever that turns on the red LED light.

When the nose lights up, it resembles a baby crying and you may instinctively turn the hand shower off. This is precisely the intention of the designer: to consume less water when you shower daily. The hand shower is based on an innate human reaction – we hate to see babies cry.

When water flows continuously while you shower, the baby nose lights up in red reminding you to quickly finish your beauty bath. If you still continue, the hand shower starts to vibrate to get the message through.

The combination of amusement and substance makes this ‘Crying Baby Shower Head’ a cool concept.

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